DeepCell™ is a technology development company focusing on material science, microfluidics, and cannabinoid molecule discoveries.


DeepCell’s™ patent approved Crystal Fusion™ technology mechanically fuses cannabinoids with sucrose (sugar) for use in our flagship brand, Ruby Cannabis Sugar™.

This infused sugar exhibits several unique properties:

  • Water Solubility – Infused crystals can be added to liquids such as water, coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. This is in stark contrast to oil or butter based cannabis products that do not mix without the addition of artificial mixing agents.
  • Shelf Stability – Infused crystals do not oxidize like raw plant material, butters, oils, or even extracts. Chlorophylls, air, light, and bacteria all oxidize cannabinoids, effects which are greatly diminished in crystal form.



Microfluidics is a rapidly developing field of innovation at the intersection of physics, chemistry, biology, and nanotechnology. It is the ability to manipulate fluids at the micro-scale. This is an area of innovation that promises to disrupt a variety of fields: sensor applications, chemical analysis, bio-sample analysis, disease detection, organic chemistry, and more.

As an example, testing for a disease may take a lab full of expensive equipment, a large amount of sample material, and the time associated with transportation. Microfluidics provides the ability to conduct the same test on a “chip”, rapidly at low cost, with a small sample size, with an ability to be deployed in the field.


Research & Development

Innovation is a core value of DeepCell™. We are continually exploring investments into commercial application. We believe that investments in research and development plant the seeds of future economic prosperity. If you are interested in partnering or exploring areas of mutual benefit please contact us at

*No cannabis products are manufactured and/or distributed by DeepCell. DeepCell licensed cannabis products are manufactured and distributed by DeepCell licensees with the appropriate state license(s).