Sapphire Logo - Savor the Moment

Sapphire Cannabis Saltâ„¢ is also made with our patented Crystal Fusion technology, by binding cannabinoids to high quality Himalayan pink salt. The result is an artisan salt that is incredibly easy to use.

Premium features: Vegan, gluten free, zero calorie, water-soluble, non-GMO, and high potency. Sapphire Salt allows you to savor the moment, and is also available as CBD-infused salt; third-party tested to ensure 0.3% or less THC.

High Versatility

Crystal Fusion allows for Sapphire to be baked into pastries or sprinkled onto dishes without compromising cannabinoid potency.

Artisan Edibles

Using only high quality cannabinoid extract and delicious Himalayan Salt, Sapphire allows users to become their own cannabis chef with ease.

A Kitchen Staple

Boasting a long shelf life and delicious taste, Sapphire fits perfectly in the pantry of both professional and amateur chefs.

*No cannabis products are manufactured and/or distributed by DeepCell. DeepCell licensed cannabis products are manufactured and distributed by DeepCell licensees with the appropriate state license(s).