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Chewable Gems Fruit Tablets™ are cannabis edibles unlike any other. Gems are deliciously tangy tablets, made from organic freeze-dried fruit, and Ruby Sugar.

Premium features: natural ingredients, only 6 calories per serving, vegan, and made with real, organic fruit. Gems are refreshing, and taste amazing. Currently available in both Strawberry and Mango.

Edibles Simplified

Advanced technology, yet simply delicious. Gems are made with only several ingredients, including Ruby Sugar, organic freeze dried fruit, and cannabis extract.

One Of a Kind

In a market full of unhealthy edibles, Gems stand alone. Unlike typical cannabis edibles, Gems are only 6 calories per serving, and do not utilize high amounts of fats, or contain any artificial additives.


Gems are representative of DeepCell’s mission: to make innovative products that make experiences easier and more enjoyable. Gems are designed as a healthy alternative to ingesting cannabis by typical means.

*No cannabis products are manufactured and/or distributed by DeepCell. DeepCell licensed cannabis products are manufactured and distributed by DeepCell licensees with the appropriate state license(s).