Emerald Logo - Health is Wealth

Emerald CBD Gelcaps and Tinctures™  were designed to make premium CBD accessible and easy to use. Emerald is crafted with full spectrum, organically sun-grown, hemp-derived CBD, ensuring a wide range of consistently high quality products.

Premium features: low and high potency options, zero THC (third-party tested), grown and made in the U.S.A., gluten free, and non-GMO. Emerald has a variety of options for whatever your CBD needs are.

Health is Wealth™

Emerald focuses primarily on health and wellness by making it convenient to dose CBD daily. Using a scientific approach, each Emerald product is made to be the highest quality of its kind.

Full Spectrum

Our view is that CBD is greater than the sum of its parts. Each Emerald product uses Full Spectrum CBD, which contains additional cannabinoids in addition to THC, while being free of THC.

High Efficiency

Emerald tinctures and gelcaps are made with MCT (Multi Chain Triglyceride) oil – a colorless, odorless fat derived from coconut or palm oil – allowing for quick release and maximum uptake.

*No cannabis products are manufactured and/or distributed by DeepCell. DeepCell licensed cannabis products are manufactured and distributed by DeepCell licensees with the appropriate state license(s).