Ruby Logo - Life Is Sweet

Ruby Cannabis Sugar™  is DeepCell’s flagship brand built on Crystal Fusion technology™, enabling users to accurately dose in beverages and food. Ruby is made from only high quality ingredients: certified organic cane sugar and cannabis extract.

Also available: Ruby Lite Cannabis Sweetener™, a lower calorie alternative made from plant-based xylitol. 

Premium features: only 15 calories, vegan, fat free, gluten free, and non-GMO.  Ruby is portable, discrete, and tastes great.

Water Solubility

Ruby is soluble in liquids such as water, coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. This differentiates Ruby from other oil and butter based cannabis products that are not soluble in liquids without the addition of artificial mixing agents.

Low Flavor

Cannabis edibles traditionally have a strong flavor profile: grassy and bitter. Ruby has a subtle nutty flavor, and to some no flavor at all. Edibles made with Ruby taste like the food or drink they’re mixed with.

Shelf Stability

The infused cannabis sugar does not oxidize like raw plant material, oils, or extracts, due to its crystal form. Chlorophyll, air, light, and bacteria all oxidize cannabinoids, effect which are greatly diminished in crystal form.

Emerald Logo - Health is Wealth

Emerald CBD Gelcaps and Tinctures™  were designed to make premium CBD accessible and easy to use. Emerald is crafted with full spectrum, organically sun-grown, hemp-derived CBD, ensuring a wide range of consistently high quality products.

Premium features: low and high potency options, zero THC (third-party tested), grown and made in the U.S.A., gluten free, and non-GMO. Emerald has a variety of options for whatever your CBD needs are.

Health is Wealth™

Emerald focuses primarily on health and wellness by making it convenient to dose CBD daily. Using a scientific approach, each Emerald product is made to be the highest quality of its kind.

Full Spectrum

Our view is that CBD is greater than the sum of its parts. Each Emerald product uses Full Spectrum CBD, which contains additional cannabinoids in addition to THC, while being free of THC.

High Efficiency

Emerald tinctures and gelcaps are made with MCT (Multi Chain Triglyceride) oil – a colorless, odorless fat derived from coconut or palm oil – allowing for quick release and maximum uptake.

Sapphire Logo - Savor the Moment

Sapphire Cannabis Salt™ is also made with our patented Crystal Fusion technology, by binding cannabinoids to high quality Himalayan pink salt. The result is an artisan salt that is incredibly easy to use.

Premium features: Vegan, gluten free, zero calorie, water-soluble, non-GMO, and high potency. Sapphire Salt allows you to savor the moment.

High Versatility

Crystal Fusion allows for Sapphire to be baked into pastries or sprinkled onto dishes without compromising cannabinoid potency.

Artisan Edibles

Using only high quality cannabinoid extract and delicious Himalayan Salt, Sapphire allows users to become their own cannabis chef with ease.

A Kitchen Staple

Boasting a long shelf life and delicious taste, Sapphire fits perfectly in the pantry of both professional and amateur chefs.

Gems Logo

Chewable Gems Fruit Tablets™ are cannabis edibles unlike any other. Gems are deliciously tangy tablets, made from organic freeze-dried fruit, and Ruby Sugar.

Premium features: natural ingredients, only 6 calories per serving, vegan, and made with real, organic fruit. Gems are refreshing, and taste amazing. Currently available in both Strawberry and Mango.

Edibles Simplified

Advanced technology, yet simply delicious. Gems are made with only several ingredients, including Ruby Sugar, organic freeze dried fruit, and cannabis extract.

One Of a Kind

In a market full of unhealthy edibles, Gems stand alone. Unlike typical cannabis edibles, Gems are only 6 calories per serving, and do not utilize high amounts of fats, or contain any artificial additives.


Gems are representative of DeepCell’s mission: to make innovative products that make experiences easier and more enjoyable. Gems are designed as a healthy alternative to ingesting cannabis by typical means.

Amber Logo

Amber CBD Skincare™ is DeepCell’s premier luxury beauty brand. Utilizing the benefits of CBD, Amber is crafted with love to nourish, replenish, and restore skin.

Premium features: multiple options for every user, high quality ingredients, and effortless use. Amber CBD combines the best of skincare with the beauty benefits of CBD.

Luxury Skincare

Inspired by innovative technology, each Amber product is advanced in design but does not compromise quality. The result is skincare that is effective and scientifically studied to be the best of its kind.

Options For All

Whether you need a face serum, a sugar scrub, or a hydrating balm, Amber has a product for you. Amber was designed with usability in mind, so there is always an option for every skincare enthusiast.

Best of Both Worlds

Amber takes skincare a step further by incorporating CBD into highly effective means of managing self care. By combining CBD with high end beauty products, Amber is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant product like none other.

*No cannabis products are manufactured and/or distributed by DeepCell. DeepCell licensed cannabis products are manufactured and distributed by DeepCell licensees with the appropriate state license(s).