Sweet As Sugar: An Interview With Cannabis Company DeepCell About Their Tasty Sweets

Kelly Ogilvie, DeepCell Industries co-founder and CEO, recently sat down with Ask Growers to have a conversation about the past and future of the company. Many of DeepCell's flagship brands, such as Ruby™ Cannabis Sugar and Sapphire™ Cannabis Salt, were created with the consumer in mind. It's all about giving those interested in cannabis edibles the power to create their own experiences, and DeepCell hopes to continue that mission through advocating for healthy adult use of cannabis. Ogilvie also shared his thoughts on the importance of transparency with cannabis edibles, the current state of the U.S. cannabis market, the future of legalization, and how DeepCell plans to move forward by expanding into new areas. You can read the entire interview with Kelly Ogilvie here.  

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DeepCell CEO Kelly Ogilvie Delivers Ted Talk at UW

DeepCell Industries co-founder and CEO Kelly Ogilvie gave a Ted Talk at the University of Washington in the legality of cannabis and the healing properties of cannabidiol, or CBD. While cannabis is still federally illegal, more and more states are beginning to offer medical cannabis, and some even recreational cannabis. This is happening at the most critical time, as the United States is currently dealing with the most significant drug crisis in the nation's history, the opioid epidemic. Many of the opioid addiction stories in the U.S. are a result of doctors prescribing far too much pain relief medicine that is too strong for patients. Ogilvie and DeepCell Industries believe that with cannabis, some of this damage can be reversed. CBD, a compound of cannabis, has many healing properties, one of the most significant of those being pain relief. DeepCell Industries is committed to finding healthier, safer options for those in need of pain relief. In this speech, Ogilvie shares his personal story behind his passion. Check out the full video here.

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Indiva Shapes Strong Brand Identity with Flexible Edibles

Indiva is a licensed supplier of high quality, medical-grade cannabis located in London, Ontario; recognizing that many consumers are looking for alternatives to smoking, the company made a number of exciting strategic moves throughout 2018 to diversify its brand. The company went public in December of 2017, currently has $24 million on the balance sheet with a $46 million market cap, and its fully-funded facility expansion project is nearing completion.

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DeepCell Industries Featured on King5 News

King5’s Lori Matsukawa recently did a story on the healing properties of CBD that featured DeepCell Industries co founder and CEO, Kelly Ogilvie, who shared his personal story and passion for CBD to a group at a senior resident home in Seattle. DeepCell Industries is committed to developing technology and products that are innovative solutions … Continued

INDIVA Granted Exclusive Rights to DeepCell™ Industries’ Products in Canada

INDIVA Limited is pleased to announce an exclusive license agreement with, and a USD $1.5 million investment into DeepCell Industries, a Seattle based technology development company focusing on material science, microfluidics and cannabinoid molecule discoveries. DeepCell commercializes products by licensing its technology and trademarks to licensees with appropriate cannabis production and distribution licenses.

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DeepCell Industries Secures Licensing Deal with Evergreen Herbal for Cannabis Ingredients

DeepCell Industries™, an emerging technology development company focusing on material science, microfluidics and cannabinoid molecule discoveries, has announced a new licensing agreement with Evergreen Herbal™. The licensed cannabis producer-processor plans to manufacture and distribute DeepCell’s Ruby Cannabis Sugar™ and Sapphire Cannabis Salt™ throughout Washington State.

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DeepCell Industries: Taking Edibles to a New Level

Deep Cell Industries is not a traditional cannabis company, but rather an industry leader in technological innovation. White they innovate solutions outside the cannabis industry, we took a close look at their work with the cannabis plant. Using Crystal Fusion technology, the company's patented process, they crystallize ccannabinoids from the finest extracts and trap them in a crystal lattice, after which they are fused with food items that we use every day.

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Cannabis Salt & Sweeteners Will Revolutionize Infused Products

Kelly Ogilvie the CEO and CO-Founder of Deep Cell Industries joins Matthew Kind to talk about how his products will revolutionize the cannabis industry. Until this point cannabis infused products companies needed a fat soluble way (oil, butter, etc) to get THC into infused products. With Deep Cell’s pre-infused sweeteners and salt that is no longer a requirement. This will open the door to a myriad of new products.

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*No cannabis products are manufactured and/or distributed by DeepCell. DeepCell licensed cannabis products are manufactured and distributed by DeepCell licensees with the appropriate state license(s).