Kelly Ogilvie Gives a Ted Talk at UW

In July 2017, DeepCell Industries co-founder and CEO Kelly Ogilvie gave a Ted Talk at the University of Washington in the legality of cannabis and the healing properties of cannabidiol, or CBD. While cannabis is still federally illegal, more and more states are beginning to offer medical cannabis, and some even recreational cannabis. This is happening at the most critical time, as the United States is currently dealing with the most significant drug crisis in the nation’s history, the opioid epidemic. Many of the opioid addiction stories in the U.S. are a result of doctors prescribing far too much pain relief medicine that is too strong for patients. Ogilvie and DeepCell Industries believe that with cannabis, some of this damage can be reversed. CBD, a compound of cannabis, has many healing properties, one of the most significant of those being pain relief. DeepCell Industries is committed to finding healthier, safer options for those in need of pain relief. In this speech, Ogilvie shares his personal story behind his passion. Check out the full video here.

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